Road Schooling: almost ready to rumble

So we are at a mere 16 days to go….How best to keep the girls up to date with schoolwork while we are away?  Who knows… who cares?! Surely nothing can beat road schooling: seeing the world, trying new foods, meeting people from all walks of life, living out of a back pack, getting sweaty feet in hiking boots, jostling for space on buses, being jetlagged, dealing with long journeys and no iPads…. all we need do is write a travel journal every day. Changing money into different currencies every week or so shall complete the Maths homework. CANNOT WAIT! 💛

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    • Alejandra
    • February 4, 2018

    Hi family, I’m sooo jealous of your numerous adventures, so proud of your mom and dad and of course, proud of you 3, wish I would have your strength to do the same, maybe if there is a next trip we will hope in the bus 🚌 with you. Can’t wait for you to see you all and hear all the adventures!!
    Love to all of you,

    PS: How is the French going ??

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